Objectives & Functions

At our ministry every unit and department is saddled with various objectives to ensure smooth running of the Department as we serve the public. 

Service Matters

Essentially handling of Service matters concerning
Career development, Promotions, Deployment, Recruitment and Discipline of Civil/Public Servants on GL 07 and above.

. Welfare matters including: provision of office accommodation for ALL Civil/Public Servants and the disbursement of ALL Government loan facilities to ALL Civil/Public Servants in the State.

. Approval of Public Servants travelling abroad.

. Organization of interactive Sessions, Retreats, Award Ceremonies and Public Service Day celebrations.

. Ensuring compliance of MDAs in relation to Rules and Regulations.

. Development and review of conditions of service and Public Service rules.

Organization Design and ICT

. Organizational structure definition and change. 

. Operational processes and systems improvement. 

. Intervention to improve staff productivity. 

. Workforce Planning and Monitoring. 

. Maintaining and updating data on Civil/Public servants. 

. Management and maintenance of accurate and up to date Human Resource Management Information System for decision making. 

. Regular production of generic data Reports; and Manning level. 

Finance and Accounts

Performs financial management issues relating to:

. Preparation of monthly salaries and other salary related issues such as deduction, leave bonus, retirement benefits, etc.;

. Assisting the external auditors with necessary information and providing necessary documents to ease the auditing assignment.

. Retirement benefits of HOS, PS and Heads of Extra Ministerial Departments and Agencies

Employee Mobility Relations and Planning

. Providing guidance on careers options/possibilities. 

. Providing Career Planning support in term of workers-benefits packages.

. Providing employees support on implementation of agreed Career Plans.

. Ensuring right Training and Planning in relation to Management Level Cadre in the service. 

.  Ensuring that staff are placed appropriately. 

. Managing employee and Workforce Performance. 

Administration and Supplies

Deals with General Administration and Supplies needs of the Office of the Head of Service which include:

. Preparation of annual estimates of the Office;

. Preparation and processing of proposals for the awards of contracts.

. Staff welfare matters; and

. Administrative and internal HR function.

Special Assistant

. Managing and keeping the itineraries of the Head of Service for programs such as Meetings, Courtesy Visits and Special Programs;

. Providing administrative assistance to the Head of Service such as 

. Preparing memos, speeches and addresses for the consideration of the Head of Service. 

. Filing, scanning and composing correspondences. 

. Scheduling and preparing meeting materials and venues. 

. Preparing reports, maintaining records and conducting research. 

. Running official duties for the Head of Service. 

. Reading and summarizing documents for easy comprehension of the Head of Service and 

. Supports the different Directorates in the Office of the Head of Service to achieve set targets.